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  • Downton English White

    English White

  • Downton Whitewashed


  • Downton English Parchment

    English Parchment

  • Downton English Duck Egg

    English Duck Egg

  • Downton English Pebble

    English Pebble

  • Downton English Grey

    English Grey


  • Qube White Gloss

    White Gloss

  • Qube Aragon Flint

    Aragon Flint

  • Qube Pebble Grey Gloss

    Pebble Grey Gloss

  • Qube Midnight Grey Gloss

    Midnight Grey Gloss

  • Qube Grey Brown Linear

    Grey Brown Linear

  • Qube Halo Black Linear

    Black Linear


  • Halo Denim Blue

    Denim Blue

  • Halo Daisy White Gloss

    Daisy White Gloss

  • Halo Cityscape


  • Halo Sea Green

    Sea Green

  • Powder Grey Gloss

    Powder Grey Gloss

  • Halo Sandwashed White

    Sandwashed White


  • Star White Coralux

    White Coralux

  • Star Copper Flash

    Copper Flash

  • Star Indigo

    Indigo Flash

  • Star Nickel

    Nickel Flash


  • Lustre Sandwashed White Gable

    Sandwashed White Gable

  • Lustre Sea Green Gable

    Sea Green Gable

  • Lustre Powder Grey Gable

    Powder Grey Gable

  • Lustre Indigo Gable

    Indigo Gable


  • Opula Sea Green Gable

    Sea Green Gable

  • Powder Grey Gable

    Powder Grey Gable

  • Opula Indigo Gable

    Indigo Gable

  • Opula Copper Accent

    Copper Accent

  • Opula Nickel Accent

    Nickel Accent

Roseberry Painted Timber

  • Cotton White

    Cotton White

  • Clotted Cream

    Clotted Cream

  • Peacock Blue

    Peacock Blue

  • Blue Lagoon

    Blue Lagoon

  • Dove Grey

    Dove Grey

  • London Grey

    London Grey

Door Samples

  • White Gloss

  • Ivory

  • Ivory Gloss

  • Tuscan Gloss

  • Aragon Flint

  • Aragon Flint Gloss

  • Teal

  • Aubergine Gloss

  • Parchment Gloss

  • Midnight Grey Gloss

  • White Linear

  • Grey Brown Linear

  • Black Linear

  • Eton Oak

  • Durham Oak

  • Bathroom Banbury Walnut

    Banbury Walnut

  • English White

  • English Parchment

  • English Sage

  • English Duck Egg

  • English Grey

Laminate Worktops

  • White Gloss

  • Aragon Flint

  • Midnight Grey Gloss

  • Eton Oak

  • Durham Oak

  • Grey Brown Linear

  • Black Linear

  • Banbury Walnut

    Banbury Walnut

  • Fossil Marble Gloss

  • Topaz Sparkle Gloss

  • Brown Sandstone Gloss

  • Sparkling Black Gloss

  • Teak Block

  • Cordoba Olive

Solid Surface Worktops

  • Glacial White

  • Coconut Cream

  • Snowstorm


  • Alabaster Beige

  • Ivory Quartz

  • Noir

  • Chalkboard


Marble Effect Solid Surface

  • polaris white

    Polaris White

Wall Tile

  • Arctic

  • Arctic Waves

  • Metropolitan White

  • Metropolitan Grey

  • White Matrix

  • Zinc White

  • Natural Creme

  • Crema Canaletto

  • Aluminium Zumba

  • Aluminium Canaletto

  • White Brick

  • Ivory Brick

  • Biscuit Brick

  • Mustard Brick

  • Taupe Brick

  • Olive Brick

  • Grey Brick

  • Mink Brick

  • white kameo

    White Kameo

  • white hexo

    White Hexo

  • rustic white briquette

    Rustic White Briquette

  • rustic white brick

    Rustic White Brick

  • “rustic

    Rustic Truffle Briquette

  • rustic truffle brick

    Rustic Truffle Brick

  • “rustic

    Rustic Smoked Briquette

  • “rustic

    Rustic Smoked Brick

  • “rustic

    Rustic Persian Briquette

  • “rustic

    Rustic Persian Brick

  • “rustic

    Rustic Magnolia Briquette

  • “rustic

    Rustic Magnolia Brick

  • “platinum

    Platinum Kameo

  • “platinum

    Platinum Hexo

  • “kameo

    Kameo Mosaic

  • “iron

    Iron Kameo

  • “iron

    Iron Hexo

  • “black

    Black Kameo

  • “black

    Black Hexo

  • Wall Beeswax


  • Wall Pavier


  • Wall Conqueror Matt

    Conqueror Matt

  • Wall Conqueror Gloss

    Conqueror Gloss

  • Wall Milano Mist

    Milano Mist

  • Wall Milano Storm

    Milano Storm

  • Wall Venetian Marble Mosaic

    Venetian Marble Mosaic

  • Wall Venetian Marble

    Venetian Marble

  • Wall Milano Dew

    Milano Dew

  • Wall Milano Sky

    Milano Sky

  • Wall Parisian Mist

    Parisian Mist

  • Wall Parisian Storm

    Parisian Storm

  • Wall Parisian Dew

    Parisian Dew

  • Wall Parisian Sky

    Parisian Sky

  • Wall Decadent Grey Mosaic

    Decadent Grey Mosaic

Floor Tiles

  • Zinc White

  • Crema Canaletto

  • Fossil

  • Natural Creme

  • White Cloud

  • Silver Cloud

  • Bohemian Beiges

  • Bohemian Blues

  • Ash Block

  • Oak Block

  • Ebony Block

  • Frosted Elm

  • Honeyed Elm

  • Parquet Weathered Elm

  • Weathered Elm

  • birch plank

    Birch Plank

  • chestnut plank

    Chestnut Plank

  • driftwood plank

    Driftwood Plank

  • ghetto cinnamon

    Ghetto Cinnamon

  • ghetto paprika

    Ghetto Paprika

  • ghetto penny

    Ghetto Penny

  • ghetto pewter

    Ghetto Pewter

  • hickory plank

    Hickory Plank

  • street cinnamon

    Street Cinnamon

  • street paprika

    Street Paprika

  • street penny

    Street Penny

  • street pewter

    Street Pewter

  • vintage fleur

    Vintage Fleur

  • vintage greys

    Vintage Greys

  • vintage hues

    Vintage Hues

  • warehouse white

    Warehouse White

  • warehouse grey

    Warehouse Grey

  • Floor Venetian Marble

    Venetian Marble

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