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The Very Best of British: How Your Bathroom is Made
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Where does your bathroom come from: video link

When it comes to manufacturing brilliance, Britain has a proud history, but what exactly is it famous for? Japan is known for its electronic goods. Germany is famed for its automobiles. The French are revered worldwide for their mastery of the fashion market. Britain is known for its quality. We are the shining stars of industries worldwide, and most of us don’t even realise it. In high end and niche areas Britain is the envy of the world, and Utopia is a proud part of that heritage.

Here at Utopia, we like to think that, when it comes to creating and providing outstanding bathroom furniture, we really are the very best of British. We’re proud to call ourselves UK brand leaders and, with over twenty-five years of experience manufacturing high-quality, fitted bathroom furniture, we know what we’re talking about. So what marks us out as Britain’s premier bathroom manufacturer?

A Leading Brand
Utopia is the leading manufacturer of complete bathroom solutions in the UK, supplying more complete bathrooms every year than any other manufacturer. Not only are we the premier brand in this country, but our entire bathroom range is created in the UK.
We’ve been manufacturing our high quality bathroom furniture and fixtures in our Midlands based factory since the 1990s, and ever since our foundation we have sought to produce the best bathroom units and cabinets available in the UK.

Our customers deserve better than second-best, and we make sure that they get it. Our commitment to quality ensures that every piece of bathroom furniture we manufacture is produced to the highest standards, and we have a deserved reputation for style, easy installation and durability.
Our attention to detail in the design and manufacture of our products is what sets us apart from our competitors. Since our establishment 25 years ago, our directors have rigidly maintained their adherence to our founding principles.

They are passionate about the quality and durability of our products, which is why they have ensured that every piece of furniture which leaves our factory is easy to install and made to last.

Our Process
So how do we go about creating our masterpieces? All of our furniture is produced in-house at our Midland’s based factory. Assembled by hand, it is crafted to the highest standards, is unendingly durable and exquisite in form and appearance.

At Utopia, we have a commitment to product development and continually strive to improve our creations. To help us in our quest, we have developed one of the most advanced bathroom manufacturing plants anywhere in Europe. Our designs reflect the latest manufacturing and design trends, so our bathrooms are always on point. Our creations incorporate the latest in colours and finishes, keeping us at the pinnacle of the bathroom manufacturing industry.

Our main suppliers are all UK based, and the majority can be found within a 100 mile radius of us. Our facility is equipped to take on raw board and produce the final product without outsourcing any of the production processes elsewhere, making our work a truly British affair.
The specialist machinery we use allows us to produce our own solid surface worktops, bespoke products that many other bathroom manufacturers would have to outsource to specialist worktop producers.
Our factory is situated in the heart of the UK, so once we’ve finished, our products can be transported straight to the nearby central motorway network, allowing us to deliver quickly and easily to every corner of the country.

If you’re looking for the best of British, we have a network of over 600 selected retailers covering England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, so why not use our site to find your nearest Utopia retailer today? We guarantee that you’ll love our uniquely British designs just as much as we do.


5 Storage Tips for Your Bathroom
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As one of the smallest yet most-used rooms in your home, your bathroom needs clever storage to help keep it tidy. Storage begins with organisation and, luckily, there are lots of products to help you get things under control. Whether your bathroom is large or small, these savvy storage solutions are guaranteed to add space and keep everything you need to hand.

#1 Wall Cabinets

Wall Cabinets

The Utopia team understands that you require a functional bathroom which is attractive yet practical, which is why we created a range of bathroom wall cabinets. Our cabinets cater to every taste, maximise space and allow you to keep your bathroom pristine and free of clutter. Mount one on your wall to add extra storage without impinging on your floor space. The different compartments are great for storing a variety of bathroom items whilst maintaining an organised look.

#2 Mirror Cabinets

Mirror Cabinets

Kill two birds with one stone with a stunning mirror cabinet, ideal for either storing or displaying items. With integrated lighting options, our mirror cabinets are as practical as they are beautiful. Be sure to store all of your face products and make-up, so that they’re to hand when you need to apply them.

#3 Vanity Units

Vanity Units

Vanity units make a beautiful centrepiece, offering plenty of storage space for products and shelving to store towels. Available in classic and contemporary styles, a vanity unit is a wonderful way to complement the theme of your bathroom. For period properties, curved modular wall units look simply breath-taking.

#4 Bathroom Units

Bathroom Units

Bathroom units are the ultimate storage solution. With every type of storage available, from small compartments to shelves, they are the perfect medium for organising all of your bathroom paraphernalia, from towels to toothbrushes. Available in a variety of sizes, they can hide away unsightly items like towels and toilets roll, whilst making sure that you still have easy access to them.

#5 Shelving


Simplicity begets elegance, and shelves are the most simple storage solution going. Get your hands on some to take full advantage of your vertical wall space. Why not use one shelf to display some tasteful artwork, and use the remaining two to hold short stacks of towels and a few rolls of toilet paper, or else display the pretty packaging on your toiletries? To help organise the items you keep on them, trying use baskets to corral like belongings in one place.
Browse the site today to find your perfect storage solution.


Traditional vs. Contemporary: What Style Suits You?

Bathrooms are one of the most expensive rooms to renovate, so when you make changes to yours it’s imperative that you get it right. Renovations can have a big impact on the resell value of your property, and, on a more prescient note, the way that you style your bathroom has a major impact on its functionality and your enjoyment of it.

So how do you decide which is better for you? A good first step is to learn the characteristics of these two schools of design, along with style tips to ensure you get the details right.

The Differences between Traditional and Contemporary Styles
You probably have a general idea of the differences between traditional and contemporary styles, but pulling together a truly desirable example requires you to navigate the finer details with skill and precision.

Classic Bathrooms
Traditional Victorian style décor adds a lush, romantic and pampered feel to a bathroom. Classic bathrooms are formal, with delicate architectural details. More supposedly masculine styles favour stone and fine wood like mahogany, whilst what are considered to be feminine bathrooms incorporate light woods and small, delicate tiles. Fixtures are always decorative.

The Tub
One of the most iconic elements of Victorian bathroom design, often featured as a grand centrepiece, is the classic, freestanding, porcelain, claw-footed tub.

The Sink
Pedestal sinks are excellent space savers and act as an attractive and efficient addition to any bathroom. Alternatively, look for marble or bronze sinks mounted on antique bureaus or chests of drawers.

For a classic, elegant look, tiles should be traditional hexagonal, penny or subway tiles. White or other light colours should be used. Paint colours should follow the same rules, so choose from either white, pale yellow, eggshell blue or pastel pink, to create a delicate, romantic appeal.

Furniture and Fixtures
Luxurious items like tufted benches, chairs and stools, intricately shaped gold or silver finished mirrors and grand, expertly carved dressing tables featuring crown molding should be incorporated.
The general emphasis is on creating a space where luxury, beauty, elegance and comfort are paramount. Brass or gilt-metal styles are preferred for hardware – a nice touch is to look for those incorporating sculpted elements like flora and fauna, scrolls or other ornate designs. Wood furnishing should be dark.

Fabrics and Linens
In a traditional bathroom, quality is everything. Heavy fabric shower curtains are most suitable, preferably with tassels or fringes running along the bottom or top for added visual effect. Bath mats and towels should be similarly luxurious, and crafted from high-quality fabric or similarly soft, heavy fabric.

Contemporary Bathrooms
Modern bathrooms should be sleek and clutter-free, incorporating a liberal use of materials like glass and chrome. However, contemporary designs can be notoriously difficult to get right, with styles and trends changing more regularly than those of established styles, like traditional and rustic. Luckily for you, our team at Utopia know exactly what’s needed to capture that perfect modern look.

The Tub/Shower
In a contemporary bathroom, the bath and/or shower should be the centrepiece, and it needs to inject a real sense of personality and character. At the moment, shapely, curvaceous, freestanding baths are in vogue. They make the perfect artistic centrepiece, ideal for perpetuating the geometric simplicity of the rest of the room.
The shower should incorporate similar themes, with a heavy visual impact. Wet rooms, with wall-mounted faucets and showerheads, are ideal for those with a higher budget, as they’re a little different but still comply with the all-important minimalistic design approach.

The Sink
The sink should be as simple as all of the other furnishings. White or clear glass is preferable. To make it a little flashier, try choosing a style with clear glass, with pebbles or something a little more artistic trapped inside.

Again, simplicity is key here. Simple, muted colours and patterns, like white, cream and wood/stone brown, are the ideal choice for wall paint and tiles. The floors should complement the rest of the interior, so polished concrete and warm wood colours tend to look best.

Furniture and Fixtures
Straight, clean lines and geometric shapes are necessary to really capture the contemporary style, and this should be borne in mind when deciding on your bathroom suite, furniture and taps. Choose pieces crafted from sleek materials like stainless steel, glass and plastic. Modern, mid-century furniture is ideal, and wood pieces should be free of detail. The emphasis is on simplicity and utility, so clutter is abhorred and space saving furniture is a requisite.

Fabrics and Linens
Fabrics and linens can be used to add a touch of colour, so go for bright, eye-catching reds, electric blues, tangerine oranges and lime greens.

Which style is for you?


The Complete History of British Bathrooms
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The bathroom, as it is today in Britain, was a long time coming. In fact, the bathroom as we know it was a fundamentally different entity to the one we know today. Here’s the back story to our beloved bathrooms, helping show how we’ve got to the designs we have today.

The First Toilets

The first toilets which can be reliably dated trace back to Crete, 2,800 years ago, during the reign of King Minos, the ancient monarch credited with having the first water flushing closet. Contemporary cultures placed a similar emphasis on sterility and waste disposal, and there is plenty of evidence remaining to demonstrate the existence of toilets in ancient times.
Across the world, we find examples of ancient Rome’s sewer systems and we know that latrines were built over bodies of open running water, as part of a simple yet practical system of waste disposal.

Roman Style Baths

After the departure of the Romans and the erasure of their cultural offerings, Roman-style warm baths would only be reintroduced into Britain by the returning Crusaders during the early medieval period. These soldiers had enjoyed such facilities in the Middle East and set about recreating them in Britain.
Many of these bath houses sprang up along the South Bank of the Thames during the reign of Henry II (1154-89), but they were closed down by Henry VI (1422-71). Public outcry forced their reopening, but the number of bath houses was restricted to 12. Henry VIII affected their permanent closure in 1546.

The Development of Toilets

Moving on in history, the Middle Ages saw the invention of the chamber pot. Made from metal or ceramic, waste was excreted into the pot, before the contents were thrown out.
This invention seems rather regressive when compared to earlier examples, and it was not until 1596 that things would take another step forward, in the form of the flushing toilet developed by Sir John Harrington for his godmother, Queen Elizabeth I.
By 1775, Alexander Cummings was claiming the first patent for making a tank for flushing. Only as the 1800s approached did people begin to make a direct link between poor hygiene and lack of sanitation leading to the spread of disease.
Nineteenth Century Bath Houses
By the mid-nineteenth century, the public perception towards cleanliness was beginning to change, and public bath houses began to be established across the country.
By 1915, all towns had at least one bath house, offering baths and showers of varying classes and for varying prices. For the first time, the working class also had access to these facilities.

A Victorian Invention

It was not until the Victorian era that bathrooms began to be acknowledged as a necessity. Even then, most were placed outside of the house, due to the prevailing fear of germs and bacteria.
It was only as this fear eased, and the need for better hygiene in everyday life was recognised, that primitive outdoor bathrooms became an indoor feature, becoming increasingly elaborate in their form and structure.
Greater than this growing understanding of hygiene was the need for privacy, and so it was that, during the 19th and 20th century, thanks to the prudish nature of the Victorians, the modern bathroom began to emerge.
By the time the concept of the designated bathroom emerged, bathroom furnishings were exquisite. The bathrooms of the wealthy would be splendid affairs, with lavish sinks and ornately designed bathtubs, featuring cast iron bodies and gargoyle style claw legs.
The most stylish baths were roll top bateau and boat baths, developed by Jacob Delafon of Paris. Today, these sell for thousands of pounds, and their popularity is as wide-spread now as it was when they were first developed circa 1850-1900.

Indoor Toilets

It was only in 1910 that the modern closed tank and cistern design emerged. This prototype design would be heavily developed over the years, until the sophisticated inventions of today finally emerged.
However, right up to the 1950s and 60s, many homes still had outside toilets, and a large number of people refused to have WCs built inside their home, considering indoor facilities unhygienic.

Cultural Evolution

From then on, the indoor toilet evolved, slowly turning into the modern bathrooms we have today. From here, Utopia comes in and, from 1989 onwards, British bathrooms became more stylish than ever before. Now, with a range of styles and ranges available, you can relax in comfort like never before. Looking back, we’re happy that we’re in the age we are now.


Breathe new life into your home with contemporary bathroom suites
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When you first moved into your property, you might have had major aspirations concerning how you would transform the bathrooms and so on. However, as you settled into the abode, you may have found that life took over and you were too busy to make the alterations immediately. Then, as time went by, you might have become oblivious to the out-datedness of your bathroom areas.

But by seizing the day and making changes to these spaces, you stand to enhance your experiences of living in the residence significantly. After all, bathroom areas are hugely important. It is therefore crucial that they look gorgeous and function perfectly.

The good news is, it is now easier than ever before to adapt these rooms to suit your style and preferences, as well as your practical needs.

By perusing our website here at Utopia, you should quickly and easily find exactly what you want at great value prices.

For example, you may benefit from considering our range of contemporary bathroom suites. These offerings are simply stunning to look at and could completely change the whole appearance of your bathroom areas. Also, because they are fantastic on an ergonomic level, they are a pleasure to use.

And now may be the ideal time to make such changes. The worst of the winter weather is on its way and being able to soak in gorgeous baths is the perfect antidote to the harsh conditions.

To see the full range of items we have to offer, simply take a look around the rest of our website.


Add an air of luxury with freestanding baths
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Sinking into a lovely warm bath can be fantastic, particularly at this point in the calendar when the temperatures are plummeting and you are starting to feel the chill. Soaking in the tub can be the perfect way to relax after a stressful day in the office and it can also be the ideal start to a lazy morning.

Meanwhile, there is evidence to suggest that making the most of warm water like this can help to alleviate the symptoms of certain medical conditions, including poor circulation, high blood pressure and arthritis.

With this in mind, why not go all out and invest in the ultimate in bathing apparatus by buying freestanding baths. There is a certain style and class to these items and they are a symbol of luxury.

Indeed, in the past you may only have seen such baths on TV, or experienced them while staying in up-market hotels.

There is nothing better than lying back in baths like this and letting the worries of the world slide off your shoulders.

Also, these products make a real style statement and are bound to impress guests. Many of your friends and family who see the new addition to your bathrooms may feel a distinct sense of jealousy – and who could blame them?!

Another issue to consider is the value of your property. While adding products like this to your abode costs a little money, it may also serve to raise the value of your home if and when you come to sell it. After all, buyers often place a great deal of emphasis on such rooms when choosing which residences to bid for.


No need to put up with substandard bathrooms
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If you are sick of that leaky tap, chipped bathroom mirror, bedraggled shelving and so on, now might be the perfect time to revamp your bathroom fittings.

All too often, consumers put up with such imperfections for years and years, always thinking they will get round to addressing the issue some day, but never quite finding the time. This is a great shame. After all, bathroom areas are extremely important and if yours is not up-to-scratch, you will not be making the most of your home.

And the point is, it has never been easier or cheaper to get your hands on superb bath taps, items of furniture and so on. Here at Utopia, we offer a vast array of such offerings that could be perfect for you and your abode.

There is something depressing about making do with substandard bathroom furniture and fittings. You might be embarrassed about the look of the rooms when guests come over and rather than being able to luxuriate in warm baths while enjoying your surroundings, your mind may instead be constantly drawn to the imperfections around you.

Also, experiencing plumbing problems can be highly frustrating, particularly during winter when having warm water at the twist of a handle is very important.

Whether you want to go all out and replace virtually everything in your bathroom or simply want to invest in a few new bits and pieces, such as bath mixer taps and other such items, you should be able to find exactly what you need via our website.


Bathroom mirrors can give the illusion of more space
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Bathroom mirrors are very important and virtually all homes feature these items. Of course, they are crucial in practical terms to help individuals see what they are doing when they are shaving, applying their makeup and so on. However, these reflective objects also serve a more subtle purpose.

You might feel as though the bathrooms in your home are too small. If this is the case, you are by no means alone. To make more space elsewhere, house builders often compress bathroom areas, meaning they can seem cramped. But by using mirrors intelligently, you can give the appearance of more space in the rooms.

Large mirrors positioned in the right places can create the impression that the walls extend back further than they actually do.

Meanwhile, another advantage of such products is the fact that they reflect light, helping to make the most of any natural sunlight or artificial illuminations you have. This can also make the areas seem more airy and spacious.

So, if you think your bathroom could benefit from the addition of superb bathroom mirror cabinets and other such things, simply take a look around our website here at Utopia. We are experts in the field and offer an array of products that could be perfect for your home.

This is by far the easiest way to make bathing and shower rooms seem much larger. It is certainly more straightforward than physically extending the areas and, as well as being faster and simpler, it is also much cheaper.