Sometimes, it can be quite a challenge getting toddlers and tweens into the bathroom before bedtime. Having a set routine every evening can help settle children and get them off for a good night’s sleep, which is great for all the family! Start winding down a little while before bathtime’s due if you can and then let them enjoy playing with rubber ducks and squeaky bath toys in a warm, bubbly filled tub. It can be tempting to rush the process, especially if time is not on your side, but by making it fun, it can be something they look forward to every day. If you are rushing against the clock, combine a bedtime story with bathtime and read aloud as they splash away. To help get things started, we’ve selected our top style tips to give your bathroom a playful twist…

Utopia’s Symmetry modular range is perfect for a children’s bathroom with its curvy lines and colourful teal finish, which looks great against a zesty yellow backdrop.

Ikea’s Losjön hangers come in assorted colours and are easy to mount on the wall. Either fasten the knobs using the self-adhesive backing or screw them on. They cost £4.75 for a pack of five (


Sabi Space is a collection of fun bathroom products that includes shelves, shower caddy, toilet roll holder, hanging rail, towel rail and this mirror, which costs £110 at John Lewis (

Footie fans will love this ball-shaped washbasin. Handmade, it can be mounted to the wall or on top of a vanity cabinet and costs £360 from Babatude Boutique (

Kids and grown-ups alike will appreciate these Star Wars rubber ducks. Choose your favourite – Chew Quacker, Duck Fader or Pond Trooper – priced £8.99 each from Amazon (

There’s something magical about watching soap bubbles bobbing through the air. This spaceship shaped bubble bath comes in four colours and costs £3.99 at Sisters Guild (

Jazz up the basin area with this Red Stripe Anchor Tumbler, priced £5.95 from Live Laugh Love (