There's lots of interest about the new "50 Shades Darker" movie release this week, and the title made me think about interior trends and more specifically - bathroom decor. It's an interesting  idea - darkness in a bathroom - because these rooms are more often than any other room in the house likely to be mainly (or completely) white. But what if you turn this on its head and have a dark bathroom? What happens? What does it look like? Would you be mad to do it? The answer to the last question is no, not at all, and the penultimate question is it looks absolutely fabulous. Bold, confident, cosy, dramatic and grand. Lovely, basically, so yes, please do consider dark shades either in a big way, or just a little one - you won't regret it!

Start with a little: If you have a white suite, white tiles and pale flooring you can't try this right? Wrong. Paint every last bit of plastered wall in a really deep colour. Be definite - don't go half-hearted. The colour will be off set by all the white so the finished result will be a gorgeous contrast bringing depth to your previously wishy-washy room.

Another idea is to create a feature wall - just one dark area that instantly becomes the focal point. This can be done with tiles in a shower enclosure or perhaps the wall where the basin is hung. An important note is that whatever furniture or fittings you have on this wall need to be lovely because the eye will be drawn to this area - you need a gorgeous basin or shiny shower to show off your lovely deep colour.  Add texture through timber with a unit like this below and make the area a considered picture with symmetrical fittings and clever detail like the lovely lights and blended-in wall taps here.

Use a dark wall to show off a beautiful bath: Contrast is always a wonderful thing and makes you look at an important element in a room. Freestanding baths are available in a range of styles from traditional claw foot to modern egg shapes and all will look fantastic against a dark wall. There are amazing metal baths available like these below which are utterly amazing but they are expensive too. However did you know you can paint the side of an acrylic bath with oil based paint (use a mini foam roller to avoid brush marks) so you could tie it to the wall colour if you wish or introduce another feature colour too.

Break up the colour: A dark colour can be made less overwhelming by using it as a lovely backdrop to show off a gallery of pictures. I love this random look that gives an otherwise boring space like a cloakroom more personality than you can shake a stick at.

Make the dark a work of art with a huge mural. This image below is just breathtaking, don't you think? You wouldn't forget this bathroom in a hurry! Large scale wall murals like this can be achieved with wallpaper panels that are designed to cover a wall with a huge piece of art - just make sure they're not in an area that will get wet.

Go the whole hog: Dark walls, dark furniture, dark (almost) everything give this bathroom incredible bold confident style. If you have a bathroom without natural light then why not embrace this and create a cave-like space -  it'll feel cosy and dramatic. Again - if you do this, invest in a beautiful basin and incredible taps because they will shine like a designer beacon amid the darkness.

And as a final note - the dark colours we all feel comfortable with are charcoal grey and navy, but consider stepping outside the box with this stunning aubergine shade. It adds such an upper class, high end feel to a space without trying. Team with antique brass accessories and dark wood to complete the scheme.