How many bathrooms are there that make you draw breath when you see them? Not many really, as there seems to be a trend of plain white and grey characterless boxes being fitted up and down the land.

Bathrooms aren't often given the care and consideration in design as other rooms in our home which is a shame because as well as the place we "come to" after hours in bed, we also unwind and relax in there so a beautiful bathroom is actually an important thing if you ask me. It can be difficult to step away from boring style though because that's what we so often see in magazines and brochures, so it's hard to imagine anything else.

But fanfares and hurrah! All this is set to change now as Utopia have launched the utterly gorgeous new Opula range which will give you a bathroom that is a cut above the rest without you having to think - it's all been done for you. My personal favourite is Opula Indigo and here's why...

Navy is the new grey as you'll probably know. It's warmer than black or charcoal and looks fantastic with a huge range of other colours so easy to accessorise and personalise. It's soft enough to appeal to women who can add fluffy chalky pink towels for a feminine twist, yet the men love it too as it's masculine and edgy for them. Great on-trend colour? Tick.

Next, have a look at the shape and coo at the curves. I'm so pleased to see the softer rounded edges as these are understated and elegant - far more delicate in design than a heavy square box. I absolutely love how the practicality of storage hasn't been compromised (there's still the lovely big drawer to hide away all bathroom gubbins) but you hardly notice that it's there because the shape is the focal point.

The mirror above is a generous size and the shelf is a lovely touch (try to keep it for pretty things and perhaps a little leafy plant rather than overloading it with bottles) but the thing I like about it most is that hung above the basin unit the shape is a mirror image of the unit below so there's a gorgeous cohesion making an almost spherical feature wall. Fabulous design? Tick.

Finally, take in the perfectly coloured metal - copper in this case. Copper and navy are a match made in heaven and these taps are... well... they're just unbelievably beautiful don't you think? They're eye-catching without shouting about it so continue the whole "quietly stunning" vibe of this range. The wall mounted style adds an extra twist of luxury and matching trim on the units ties everything together.

Marble tiles are the perfect backdrop as the grey veins are warm (large flat glossy tiles would have made this room feel stark rather than sumptuous) and again, they automatically add a high-end look. Perfect finishing touches? Tick.

You want a bathroom that makes you feel a million dollars? Here you go. Stand out from the crowd but in a subtle way. And make sure you treat yourself to some gorgeous towels that feel three inches thick to complete the experience (White Company, anyone?). Be different and you'll be glad you did (and your friends and neighbours will be oh so envious too)....