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Jody Myerscough-Walker

As well as being a Utopia columnist, Jody Myerscough-Walker formed lifestyle brand Bon in 2010. What Inspires Jody? The style of Bon is inspired by places visited and atmospheres Jody loves. A walk along the beach to collect some shells and smell the sea air, trips to idyllic rural France, being surrounded by vineyards and fields of sunflowers, soaking up the atmosphere and colours of the local market, watching people armed with fresh baguettes and brie chatting in the street. Visiting an incredible chateau, catching a vivid sunset with neon pink running through the sky over the lake. These are just a few of the things that inspire her work. The characteristic style of Bon focuses on the use of bright colours and a hand-drawn aesthetic with a strong influential nod to to Danish design. These drawings then translate into unique printed textile products, fabric by the metre, cushions and home accessories. The aim being to bring a little bit of Bon style into your own maison.


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