There can be very few of us who haven't enjoyed some chocolate over the holiday weekend. And many of us have probably had rather a lot!

choccy-facts-side-1Chocolate is not only delicous, it's also the perfect gift for everyone – always welcome. It may be high in calories – 540 calories per 100gms, but chocolate is an excellent source of riboflavin, vitamin B12, calcium, magnesium and iron so what better excuse than it’s good for me!

The UK is the third highest consumer of chocolate in the world, eating 9.5kg per person every year. That is nearly twice the amount Americans consume (5.5kg per person). Our chocolate cravings mean UK sales account for nearly a third of the European market, and we spend more on sweets, cakes and biscuits than any other European country.

Anyone remember the Cadbury’s ad in the 1990s where the ultimate in luxurious indulgence is represented by a gorgeous girl relaxing in a bath with a flake?

article-1255749-001BC3F000000258-331_468x355Chocolate is all about ‘me’ time and there are whole societies and websites devoted to the worshiping of this tasty treat. Why not visitThe Chocolate Society to find out more?

And if simply eating a bar of chocolate in the bath isn't enough, why not follow what multi-millionaire Danny Lambo did and install a bath that runs chocolate milk rather than water through its taps! The ultimate Easter gift for his girlfriend, it costs a whopping £1000 to fill each time and contains over 1.3 million calories!


Maybe it isn’t that surprising that one of our most popular finishes is Cocoa Gloss, a fabulous rich chocolate brown that clearly holds lots of positive associations with the girls at least.YOU-Cocoa-Gloss-Eton-Oak-1200-twin-Utopia-FLAT-REFLECTION

It’s also a way to introduce those welcome tones into the bathroom without resorting to a high calorie fix.

YOU-Cocoa-Unit-Handles-Utopia-Aug-1520349 copyAnd if you still aren't convinced about the need for chocolate in your bathroom, take a look at this bathroom from the '70's!

1.1221343740.nice-chocolate-bathroom-suite-ehxThe next time you need a chocolate fix, spare a thought for anyone still living with a chocolate brown bathroom suite? Anyone care to own up to still having one?