There’s nothing like a burst of dazzling Spring sunshine to make you look around your home with a rather critical eye. Is your bathroom looking a bit jaded? Here are some quick, easy and inexpensive ways you can totally transform the look of your cloakroom, en suite or main family bathroom.

Paint and wallpaper are definitely your best options here. Even if you only re-do one feature wall, it’s amazing how different your bathroom will look, especially if you carry the new colour through to the rest of the room with matching accessories like towels or blinds.

This elegant grey bathroom is the height of sophistication but it’s the dashes of vibrant orange that really bring it to life.

 Downton Classical freestanding furniture in English Grey

And, of course, should you tire of orange as your accent colour, it’s so easy to swap it for a new favourite.

This year, it’s all about greens and blues according to trend experts, although you should always follow your own inclinations.

Imagine this bathroom without the acid green!

Qube freestanding furniture in Eton Oak

And while this one isn’t for the faint-hearted, you could always stick to just one colour and one wall:

Symmetry modular furniture in Teal

Wallpaper is the other quick fix and don’t be afraid to go bold and daring. Sam Ball, Utopia’s stylist, says you can be as adventurous as you like in terms of pattern and colour so long as you stick to one wall only. This is especially true in smaller rooms like cloakrooms.

See how a feature paper adds a whole new dimension to this bathroom, contrasting perfectly with the rich dark wood gain of the furniture and the gleaming white tiles.

Qube freestanding furniture in Walnut

Birds are everywhere this year, on our clothes and in our homes. It’s a delightful fashion and the bird motif makes a quirky and colourful change for wallpaper.

Try birds of paradise in the pink:

You modular furniture in Black Linear

Or pretty budgies in blue:

 Roseberry modular furniture in Peacock Blue

We’re heading straight for the seaside with this lovely pale blue wallpaper covered in seagulls:

Roseberry fitted furniture in Blue Lagoon and Cotton White

If your bathroom is big, you can afford to think big when it comes to pattern and dispense with the ‘one feature wall’ rule as we can see below where the dark and decorative background is the perfect foil for Roseberry furniture in Clotted Cream and the show-stopping Sensuelle bath in London Grey.

Roseberry fitted furniture in Clotted Cream

Why not take the Spring cleaning a little further this year and give your bathroom a dramatic update? Be as daring as you like – it’s only paint and/or wallpaper!