Blue is everywhere this summer and it is particularly good to see it so at home in the bathroom. Traditionally, blue was one of the key colours to avoid in the bathroom as it was perceived as a cold colour, especially when teamed with acres of white sanitaryware and possibly white tiles as well. Thankfully, that’s all changed now with a much wider palette of blues available including rich, warmer tones.

Blue is currently hugely popular in interiors – after all, Denim Drift is Dulux’s Colour of the Year for 2017. This isn’t really surprising as it’s been an important colour in kitchens for a few years now and has inevitably spread throughout the home. And, of course, we are all getting much more adventurous, experimenting with bold colours and moving firmly away from magnolia.

If you are still a little unsure about using a bold colour in your bathroom, modular furniture is the perfect solution as you can have just one or two key pieces in your chosen colour. With fitted furniture, it’s a much more dominant look so paler shades such as our main shot in Blue Lagoon are probably a better option.

As well as our two Roseberry blues, Peacock Blue and Blue Lagoon, we’re now also offering lovely Indigo in the Utopia colour palette. Hailed as the new black, Indigo is a fabulous intense colour which looks terrific teamed with copper accents. Take a look at these images from our new Opula and Lustre modular ranges.

If you feel that is too strong a colour punch for you, what about Star, our third new modular range? The main colour here is White Coralux and the accent colour is Indigo, Copper or Nickel.

Or maybe put a toe in the water by creating a blue cloakroom. This one, from the Roseberry range, is a very long way from a conventional boring cloakroom and just shows what an injection of colour can do for your home.