With much confusion over modern and contemporary Interior Design, hopefully today will give you an overview of the difference between the two and how you go about achieving a Modern home.


Contrary to popular belief these are not one of the same style and the terms cannot be used interchangeably. Contemporary design refers to design which is a popular trend, right now, ever changing, and not fixed to a specific style. Modern design on the other hand is unchanging and fixed to an era, eventually evolving to Mid Century Modern or ‘Retro’ as it may more commonly be known today.

As we look at some of the key elements of Modern design, you will find similarities with both contemporary and Mid Century interiors but remember, they are their own styles…


Use of natural materials

Many modern interiors could be guilty of being too cold and sterile but with clever design this can be avoided. Incorporating natural materials into a modern design will help bring warmth to the space. Wood, stone, leather and linen are amongst the popular materials used, bringing with them subtle interest in an otherwise uncluttered space.


Focused on clean lines

Focusing on clean, simple lines without any care for heavy or ornate finishes.

A modern style is well suited to small rooms or homes as the style lends itself to not only maximising the use of space but the simple, unfussy interior creates the illusion of more space, both physically and mentally.


Minimal use of accessories

Favouring simple, clutter free spaces, with modern interiors less really is more!

In a modern home you will not find any of the finishes associated with more traditional homes, instead embracing simplicity.

What you will see however is furniture raised off of the floor, clean and simple (unsurprisingly) and a use of natural materials,  polished metal and glass.


Function first and foremost

It really is no surprise after learning more about Modern spaces that first and foremost,  it’s all about function and excludes excessive accessories. Done well, Modern living promotes a sense of calmness and simplicity to your home.

If you need any more guidance into Modern Interiors please feel free to contact me