Plain bathrooms are fail-safe, relatively straightforward to design, and with a closely observed choice of colour, are difficult to get wrong. But … with the current interior trends for rich textures and bold patterns, why not embrace a more decorative look and bring some pattern into your bathroom? Use pattern and texture in controlled doses for a change of pace.

01 UtopiaQube modular basin with storage drawer by Utopia

A snap of colour and pattern in a sleek bathroom … if you’re a demon for detail, accessorise the interior storage in a matching colour! To some people that may be a little ‘OCD’ but it’s the little things that make a difference and there is an element of joy in creating a cohesive colour scheme, both inside and out.  As far as adding a bold element of pattern, look at the new additions to the Graham & Brown collection – you may not be able to use animal prints in the living room or bedroom, but adding a panel of outrageous pattern in an alcove or behind some bathroom shelves is a good alternative – and you may only need a single roll of wallpaper - happy days! Visit and   for further inspiration.

02 Loviisa Wallpaper in White and Grey_£48.90_Vallila InteriorLovisa wallpaper in Grey & White, £48.90 per roll, Vallila Interiors

03 Leopard White Beige, Graham & Brown, Skin, £20 per roll copy

04 Zebra White Grey, Graham & Brown, Skin, £20 per rollLeopard in White & Beige and Zebra in White & Grey, each £20 per roll, from the Skin range by Graham & Brown

05 Geo-Freeflow-Eton-OakEton Oak cabinetry and Freeflow basin from the Geo range by Utopia against a dark, textured background

Combine dark, textured tiles with plain white tiles, white bathroom fittings and natural wood cabinetry for a restful scheme that ticks the boxes for colour and texture. Too many patterns can be overwhelming, but the horizontal graphic lines and simple colours shown here combine to make a modern scheme that will suit all types of home. As far as making a focal point is concerned, white ceramics, oak cabinets and a back-lit mirror stand out magnificently against dark, textured tiles – and of course, with the potential of adding a luxury bath mat and stacks of towels in endless colourways to create more interest and contrast.

06 Crocodile Turquoise, Graham & Brown, Skin, £20 per rollCrocodile in Turquoise, £20 per roll, from the Skin collection by Graham & Brown;

07 Kuiske Wallpaper in Turquoise_£48.90_Vallila Interior 08 Syvämeri Wallpaper_£48.90_Vallila InteriorKuiske in Turquoise, and Syvameri in Blue, £48.90 per roll, Vallila Interiors

One of our new favourite shades is peacock blue, with close colour relations turquoise, jade green and sapphire blue. All are enjoying a new lease of life at the moment, with peacock blue in particular appearing in lots of the autumn-winter ranges. After the excitement of ‘cherished gold’ and last winter’s spice shades, these colours are a refreshing change, as well as having the advantage of working well in a bathroom environment, without being overwhelmingly masculine or feminine.

09 Wall-Tile-Aluminium-ZumbaAn alternative way … Aluminium Zumba tiles from Utopia, used vertically.

10 Trollskogen Wallpaper in Green_£48.90_Vallila InteriorFor a completely ‘green’ bathroom, get adventurous with the Trollskogen wallpaper in Green, Vallila Interiors, as before. We’re smitten!

Finishing up on an accessories note, we’re finding the Lola Pom slippers kit, shown here in teal, pretty irresistible. It might take one or two goes before my knitting is up to scratch, but hopefully practice will make perfect! And if you’re shopping for accessories that combine an element of texture and colour, try and pop in to BHS , the range of homewares currently includes ultra-fashionable ceramics with geometric patterns, and an exceptionally good selection of lanterns, candles and lighting.

11 Lola Pom slippers in teal RRP28Lola Pom slippers kit, £28, Stitch & Story,

12 bhs_8244881405885108Ceramics and objects from the current autumn-winter range at BHS