No matter if you’re a paper from the top, or paper from underneath person, we all need loo rolls. Lots of us are now having fun with décor in the smallest room painting them bright colours or adorning the walls with pictures or maps. Hardware such as loo roll holders and storage options in which to keep the paper rolls, however, are still rather boring so I thought it’d be fun to see just what options there are to make the most unassuming item in the room raise a smile.

Reuse and repurpose:

  1. A plastic kids dinosaur (or giraffe) makes a perfect holder. You could keep the animal “natural” coloured, or use spray paint to give it a brightly coloured revamp.536d17c2697ab01f9d000caa._w.540_s.fit_
  2. Got a skateboard addict in the house? They might even put a new roll in place if you screw two holders on an old board


3. Tap into the current industrial trend by using copper pipe and joints fashioned into a wall holder.


4. Take a small offcut of wood and screw it to the wall above the loo roll to create a small shelf to keep a favourite book or magazine at hand for uninterrupted time. 649926fe10b41302a43848274e85beae4591288d_m

5. With careful wall fixings you could use a branch found on a woodland walk to hold your loo paper – visitors would be sure to comment on this!

Takken 23

Storage: Don’t leave spare loo rolls in their plastic bag shoved under the bath or beside the loo. Having them at hand in attractive storage is a far better option.

  1. Keep it simple and toss them in a wicker basket for relaxed style or stacked neatly in a metal basket.


2. Screw a wine box to the wall and add a quirky something to stop them falling out – this could be anything from a wooden ruler to aged licence plate from USA (get these on Ebay). Alternatively, keep the box on the floor.

DSC_0972 tumblr_lqigxbad411qgrd2xo1_500

4. Combine art with storage – a larger piece such as this tree offers practical storage as well as decoration.


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