A big warm welcome, on a wet May day, to my new Interior Design Series, ‘Interior Design Styles’.

Ever wondered how to create a particular style at home, what are the current styles or perhaps felt unsure about which style suits you and your home? 

Over the next six months I’ll be looking in depth at five Interior Design styles and helping you understand how to recreate them before the final post ‘How to identify your style’ so you can transform your home with confidence. There are many more styles out there and more being created so this isn't a definitive list, but a guide to some of the most popular.

My speciality area is Modern Country Interiors, so naturally this is where we start our style guide journey.

Modern Country Interiors is a fine balancing act between two popular styles, modern and country, of course. Where no one style takes the lead in a room but they sit in harmony together, complimenting one another.

The following are key aspects to consider to help you create a Modern Country Interior.


Combining original brick (walls or fireplace) or wooden beams with smooth, clean walls is a fail safe place to start. This contrast between old and new will give you a fantastic base for a Modern Country room.

The same applies with finishing touches, cushions, curtains and furniture, textures such as wood, leather, linen and silk can all work together, and a Modern Country home wouldn't be complete without some wicker baskets!


Modern Country homes are well suited to muted colour pallets. Many will use warm, neutral colours but this doesn't mean no to colour, this means choose colour wisely. You want a chalky hue or one with depth rather than bright and bold, which you will find with more traditional country homes. A calm pallet offers a modern, sophisticated feel.

This is why texture is also so important, with a calm, potentially neutral colour scheme, different textures will add depth and interest to the room.


Do not be afraid to mix patterns.

However, if you do feel a little lightheaded at the idea, there are a couple of ways which you can introduce different patterns without them clashing.

- Keep the colour pallet muted

- Keep the colour pallet of the patterns the same, using different shades to create interest

- Confine the stronger patterns to smaller areas, cushions for example and team them alongside a simpler print

- Keep the pattern simple

Mix traditional patterns, florals and stripes with modern prints. 

And, there are some wonderful new patterns available which offer a modern twist on a classic print, an updated version. Farrow and Ball and Zoffany are an example of two who can offer wallpaper and fabric suitable for Modern Country Homes and are both a personal favourite of mine.


There are some key pieces which sing ‘Modern Country Interiors’

- Soft, curvy sofas and armchairs

- Large upholstered footstools, doubling as a coffee table

- Painted furniture

- Mixed with traditional oak furniture

- Logs and wicker baskets

Rather than a cluttered space, synonymous with traditional country styles, we want to create one that is relaxed and organised, a simpler lived in home. A Modern Country home will incorporate both new and old furniture, I would recommend the clean finishes of new furniture and one or two key pieces of old to finish, a console, side table or drawers perhaps…

If you need any more guidance into Modern Country Interiors or indeed, Interior Design in general, I am happy to help and you can contact me here:



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