Specialists in the Contracts and Developer sector for over three decades
Trust Utopia to add that quality touch to your developments

With a dedicated team on hand, Utopia has the experience, knowledge and product offering to make your development stand out from the rest.

Utopia is a leading British brand and has been a pioneering force in bathroom solutions for over 30 years.

Established in 1989, Utopia is run by its founding partners retaining the core values of premium quality, inspired design and exceptional service.

Here at Utopia we understand the importance of bathroom spaces for the new home buyer delivering on style and functionality where relaxation and smart storage solutions are equally valued in today’s busy lifestyles.

We also understand how to successfully deliver your new build project. From clear and detailed designs and 3D visuals, competitive pricing and lead times, through to a volume manufacturing capability that can meet your peak year-end demands. All delivered via our own nationwide distribution fleet.

Whether you’re a housebuilder, architect, interior designer or contractor, the Utopia Contracts team will help you achieve the highest quality, superbly designed, beautifully finished bathroom projects.

We are committed to satisfying the needs and expectations of our customers through sustainable, mutually beneficial, and long-term partnerships.

Design & Engineering

We pride ourselves on our cutting edge in-house design teamed with quality engineering processes.

At Utopia, our ethos has always been to design and engineer the very best solutions for the British bathroom. Since 1989 we’ve been developing innovative and exciting bathroom innovations that offer choice, value for money and longevity to both our trade and retail customers.

We are proud to have highly skilled in-house design, CAD and engineering professionals to bring your designs into reality.

All Utopia furniture is designed and manufactured in the UK, at our West Midlands headquarters.

We’ve invested over £2m in state-of-the-art machinery and processes in the last two years.

Our award-winning products and ever-evolving ranges always stay ahead of consumers’ expectation.


We’re always at the forefront of innovation in the bathroom.

We always aim to be ahead of trends and consumer expectations. Our ranges are regularly reviewed and improved to ensure that our product lineup is as competitive and appealing as possible.
Every Utopia product is rigorously tested for quality,  reliability and suitability before going to market.
We incorporate the latest energy-efficient lighting and sensor-operated technology into our products.
Our online interactive Visualise tool allows you to see any range in any Utopia finish.

Our Nationwide Delivery Network

With a modern fleet of branded delivery vehicles, we cover every corner of the UK and Ireland.

With FORS Accreditation, we maintain best practice across our fleet in terms of safety, efficiency and environmental protection. Our team of drivers are courteous, professional and punctual.

A fleet of Scania Euro 5 engine delivery vehicles

Weekly coverage of the entire UK and Ireland

Branded trucks and a team of our own friendly and experienced drivers.

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Superior standards

We are committed to the very highest quality standards for both the materials we use and our production processes. Our products are only as good as the equipment used to produce them – this mantra drives superior standards in our manufacturing with constant investment in our equipment and skilled workforce.

Responsive and knowledgeable in-house customer support

Delivering outstanding customer care is key, that’s why our highly trained specialist contracts team will support
your requirements from initial enquiries and design proposals through to delivering that all important beautiful
bathroom, providing you with total support and complete peace of mind.

Our experienced UK-based in-house customer services team are on hand to deal with any questions or issues.

Our dedicated team of CAD specialists, also based at our UK headquarters, will work with you every step of the way in helping to transform your plans into a reality.

Whether you supply architect sketches or plan visuals we will turn these into stylish beautiful bathrooms, meticulously planned and brought to life using 3D rendering software.


We take our environmental commitments seriously.

We strive to engineer products with the longest possible lifespan. That’s better for you and better for the environment.

Our cabinets don’t travel across the planet to reach you, they are despatched direct from the point of manufacture in the heart of the Midlands, saving hundreds of tonnes of carbon every year.

From the raw materials we choose for our furniture down to the paper we use in our offices, every decision we make is led by our commitment to the environment.

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Our sustainability commitment

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To reduce our waste

All of our offcut and sawdust waste that isn’t suitable for recycling is used on site as biomass fuel to heat our offices and factory. Our cardboard packaging is cut on site to the exact size, minimising surplus waste and making transport more efficient.

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To use locally-sourced, certified or recycled raw materials wherever possible

We’re proud to be a British manufacturer and we strive to support other British suppliers and manufacturers. We always attempt to source our raw materials as close as possible to the point of assembly in order to keep transportation emissions to an absolute minimum.


To build quality products that last

To ensure complete reliability and longevity of our products, we work very closely with the companies who supply our components so that we always source the best possible option.

Add to this our own rigorous in-house testing facilities and you can be sure that your beautiful Utopia bathroom will provide many years of service.

Our ethical responsibilities.

All of the raw materials used in our products come from large, reputable companies and are mostly produced in the UK or Europe.

We do not use small-scale suppliers based in the Far East.

We are signed up to the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code, an internationally recognised code of good labour practice aimed at preventing modern slavery.

Formaldehyde content – All product used is Class E1 compliant.

All adhesives and paints used in the production of our products are water based, therefore all classed as minimal or low VOC (Volatile organic compound).