“Curved, Colourful, Textured and Sustainable”

The future for bathroom design is curved, colourful, textured and sustainable, according to Richard Shore, Head of Product Design at Utopia.

Presenting his predictions for 2023, he sees five distinct themes dominating the home interest sector for the coming year ahead.

  1. The rise of a warming colour palette where inviting, rich colours such as terracotta red will abound.
  2. An increase in interesting textures, particularly ridged surfaces, overlaying linear patterns and organic materials or prints.
  3. In terms of design, soft, tactile curves encouraging interaction will offer an alternative to the sharp lines and angles of minimalism.
  4. The boutique hotel look continues to influence design with a whole new generation of ‘spathrooms’ encapsulating wellness, luxury and experience.
  5. Expected sustainability!

Helen Clark, Utopia’s Head of Marketing comments “As ever, Richard’s predictions continue to shape and drive our new product development plans for 2023 and beyond. The recent introductions of new doorstyles and finishes are just the start of a host of new product launches scheduled for 2023 in response to incoming trends and customer feedback.”